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Are you struggling to scale your business?

Do you spend your time fighting fires instead of concentrating on growth?

Do you have ideas for growth but can't find the time to implement them?

What is Growth Transformer?

Growth Transformer is a unique programme that can help you build habits to unlock your business' growth potential.

We help you and your leadership team form habits around management practices that are essential to scaling your business.
Focus on building habits; not just learning
Set your own goals and rate of transformation
Engage and compete with your peers
Let our digital platform and dedicated coach guide you

How does the programme work?


Nominate a leadership team to participate in the programme


This team will work on your goals using our methodology and report progress weekly


Monthly webinars, peer learning sessions, and coach interactions will be conducted remotely


Instant messaging platforms will be used for peer engagement and discussions


Key activities

Using our digital X-Ray to identify practical recommendations to scale your business
Interacting with peers and collectively learning and growing your business
Competing with your peers to build your daily and weekly habits around scalable management practices
Setting your own goals. Working with your dedicated and experienced coach who will guide you

Our X-Ray tool

Provides deep insights into your business

Our online diagnostic tool pinpoints the most important growth constraints across your business

Our interactive report provides practical, prioritised, customised recommendations for scaling effectively

We provide digital resources to help you move forward and accelerate results

Our programme

Learn from and compete with your peers

Our unique gamified programme introduces scalable management practices into your business

Benefit from 12 months of peer engagement, digital content and coach support to implement growth initiatives in your organisation

Access rewards as you work through the programme

You qualify to apply for the Growth Transformer
Programme if you are a business with:

  • At least 51% black ownership
  • Annual turnover from R5 million up to a maximum of R50 million
  • At least 3 managerial staff and more than a total headcount of 15
  • Demonstrated potential for growth
  • Operations in the B2B space (supplier of goods and services to another business)
  • More than 5 years of trading history
Ready to build habits that unlock your business' true potential?